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Way Out There // Route 66 and the Beginning of a Fine Adventure

Find me way out there
there’s no road that will lead us back
When you follow the strange trails
they will take you who knows where
If I found a way to stay with you tonight
it would only make me late, for a date I can’t escape

OK!! I’m reaaaally excited to share some images + thoughts from an amazingly fun adventure my sister and I recently embarked on. I’ll probably be overusing the word “fun” so prepare yourself!

“Let’s rent and RV and drive across the American Southwest desert and visit the Grand Canyon this October” I said cavalierly at some point in Oregon’s drizzly March weather. “Okay”, she said rather enthusiastically. And that’s how it began.  We booked our RV, we had 6 days, some loose goals (like check out The Grand Canyon, which neither of us had ever experienced, and consume copious amounts of tacos). I’m sad to say that one of those goals was not realized. #tacos

October 5th came up and slapped me in the face and before I knew it we had found ourselves on the outskirts of Las Vegas with the keys to our 20ft motorhome in our hands hoping that the other person had caught the entirely of the dump tank instructions. This was happening! We found a Whole Foods, we stocked up on the necessities: chips and guacamole, water, bananas, almond milk for the cold brew coffee I was going to attempt to brew, and 5 containers of chocolate yogurt. Because we’re adults, dammit!

On the maiden night in our motorhome, The Leprechaun, we stayed in the Northern Arizona town of Kingman. Now, this town might be labelled as some sort of “hole”by most, but honestly, some of my best memories of our trip can be found in this “Heart of Route 66” city. But yeah, it’s not lovely. However, if you’re looking for some damn good BBQ ribs and a spotless KOA campground, Kingman is your town.

After our brief stay in Kingman, which included a cold burger and fries for dinner, a hot shower in a spotless RV park bathroom (the best of our trip!), and a couple of Google searches for “can I get electrocuted by thunder and lightening in my RV”, we found ourselves driving towards Flagstaff on the historic Route 66. And as much as I wanted to shrug off the cliche of Route 66 off as “whatever,” it was a simply gorgeous drive. The lumbering storm clouds really tied the whole room together, if you know what I mean, Donny! The smell of rain in the desert is straight up magical. As much as the Oregon trickle in this little rainforest of mine delights me to no end, the desert rain and the firm rumbling and deep quiet that follows the desert storms is stuff of soul stirring goodness. Magic, man, magic.

We stopped briefly in Seligman, one of the last places along that section of Route 66, for a proper rat burger (you know, those sketchy as hell but delicious squishy burgers where you gamble with your gastrointestinal health) at Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In (obviously we DID NOT drive-in – we pulled up and parked our little baby two blocks away!). I mean, I intended to get some chili fries, but all those darn German and British tourists came through and cleaned out the fries. Rude. Squishy rat burger FOR THE WIN, though. And the photo opportunities at Delgadillo’s are limitless. The rain made it extra… interesting…

Eventually we made our way to Flagstaff along Interstate 40, which was not nearly as cute as Route 66, but, it did offer a fine view of the Kaibab National Forest and it’s cute little trees that appeared to be straight outta a train set model, and we got ample practice pulling our mirrors in for fear of smacking random semi-truck mirrors. The struggle is real, folks.

So I’ll leave you with some images of our 1st and 2nd days in our little Leprechaun on the road:

near Boulder City, NV
I don’t know how many times we said that the mountains around Boulder City look like Martian and mountains of the moon-esque – but I’d say it again! These mountains, near the Hoover Dam, are amazingly beautiful, especially in the weather we experienced.
KOA Kingman, AZ
KOA bench goodness.
RV at Kingman KOA
There she is! Our little Leprechaun! The KOA is treating her well. This was also the most level I slept our entire trip. In case you’re wondering, which I’m SURE you are, Michelle was in charge of water and I was in charge of electrical. Meaning she screwed on the house and dumped tanks and I plugged in the electrical cord and tried not to blow us up.
Sunrise in Arizona
I mean, Kingman isn’t awesome, but how beautiful is that?!
chips and guacamole
Breakfast + snack on the road.
southwest landscape
Stopped here for a coffee break. Where’s my horse and lasso? On the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Sadly no roadside fry bread installations – but cold brew coffee served us just fine.
Seligman, AZ
Oh Seligman, you had me at “good apples.”
gas pump
Oh you know, just leanin’.
Seligman, AZ
Santa’s wagon outside Delgadillo’s in Seligman.
gas pump
It’s stuck!
Delgadillo's Snow-Cap Drive-IN
The back of Delgadillo’s – almost as interesting as the front.
Delgadillo's in Seligman, AZ
I told you there are awesome photo ops behind Delgadillos!
Seligman, AZ
Good stuff, Seligman!
seligman, AZ
The kitsch runs deep in Seligman, but also oh so darn charming!


I loved listening to this album while traveling through the great expanses and the desert:

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