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Way Out There // Magical Sedona


Oh man, where to even start with the Sedona area?

To sum it up, I guess you could say, or I could say that it was one of those destinations that really, truly dazzled. Magical to the core.

I mean, Sedona has a reputation for being an art-centric, hippy woo-woo, I’ll heal you with crystals kinda place – so I was a little apprehensive to really take a bite – but once you start descending into the canyon on HWY 89a, well, the place just takes your breath away and you take that bite with pleasure.

We had initially planned on heading north after visiting the Grand Canyon. Southern Utah sounded amazing when I was at home planning the trip on my sofa: Antelope Canyon, St. George, Utah’s wide open spaces, and all that gorgeous desert jazz in between. But really, in the end, we got a little (read: a lot) lazy, and there was seemingly going to be tons of driving to be able to make it back to Las Vegas in time to return our RV. So we opted to travel south. Best decision.

We only stayed in Sedona one night before heading towards Prescott (another post – coming soon). Ultimately, I would LOVE to go back to that little nook of Arizona and spend a week exploring, experiencing, and possibly hiking (whoa!). But hey, at least next time I won’t need to get my aura read – because I did that this time. 😉 Yellow and orange, baby.

…and now some images from our time in Sedona:

indian gardens cafe and market north of sedona
Indian Gardens Cafe and Market

Oak Creek Canyon is stuff of magic (I know, more magic). We stopped at this little cafe to coffee up and were pleasantly surprised by the general cuteness. The outdoor courtyard was stunning and quaint and everything you’d want a courtyard to be! And blankets on the chairs outside?! Dreams really do come true! We drank lattes, bought our very own blankies, and then headed the 4-ish miles to Sedona.

the red rocks of sedona
Well, hello red rocks!

Literally everywhere you look is stunning.

The Leprachaun.

We stayed at the Rancho Sedona RV park. Undoubtedly the prettiest RV park of the trip. I don’t want to say it was magical, but, it was magical. Cicadas singing, acacia trees swooshing in the wind, nearby Oak Creek flowing happily – this RV park is a dream; you could EASILY stay here a week. Next time!

The trees shading the RV park.
Oak Creek in Sedona
Lovely Oak Creek.

rancho sedona rv park

Look at that! A grilling and chilling area.

Next up…


the coffee pot in sedona arizona

The next morning we pulled our quite large RV into a quite small parking lot at the Coffee Pot Restaurant. An old school diner for the books. Mitch ordered the pancakes. I ordered the chorizo omelette. How could I NOT order an omelette at a place that’s famous for 101 omelettes? I’m no fool.


Post-chorizo omelette? A walk around the fairly tourist-y downtown. Next time: Segway tours. It’s happening.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

It’s hard to believe that this is the view Sedona residents see every day on their drive to work! So so so so cool!




Photographs just don’t do this place justice. The rocks are SO much more vibrant and SO much larger in person. I totally get why this place is New Age/art community central.

beware sign

Just a little comforting signage at the park on the way out of town…

person with red rocks of sedona

We could have taken a hike around this area – walked along Oak Creek, etc. But us being us, we opted for photo ops and coffee in the RV. We make sound decisions.


viewpoint in jerome looking towards sedona
Looking towards Oak Canyon and Sedona from Jerome.

Sedona, you did us right! Until next time.


My RV essentials – because after one trip, I’m an expert. That’s how that works, right?

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  1. Gorgeous, stunning country. Travel is difficult and exhausting and sometimes you wonder what you were thinking, but then you round a bend and see sights like you saw….bingo! It’s what keeps us all going once more. Beautiful photos.

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