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Wanderin’ // Toketee Falls, Oregon


Let’s just be clear, I’m not a super outdoors-y person.  Now, that’s not to say that I don’t love exploring Oregon and all her beautiful nibs and bits, and nooks and crannies. I truly do, but you won’t find me at an REI stocking up on supplies for extreme hiking or running/jogging any marathons anytime soon. I pretty much adore the “hikes” that are meant for people under the age of, say, 6 years old. A leisurely stroll, if you will, where I can wear my flip-flops and dress for an espresso later in the day (ok, and maybe a cookie, too). You could consider this attitude a big fail or a big win depending on what camp you’re in – but I don’t really consider it at all, I just enjoy what I enjoy and post the images here on this space. Bam! Now you know my outdoor inclinations. 🙂

A couple weeks back (yeah, I know I’m really behind with posting!) the gang and I packed up for an overnighter in Jacksonville, Oregon (it’s about 10 minutes from Medford). If we were to drive south on Interstate 5 from Eugene straight to Jacksonville, it would only take us a few hours to get there, but this time we decided to take the scenic route (Hwy 138 through Umpqua National Forest – if you are planning a trip beware, it’s a HELLA twisty-turny road) and stop at a waterfall: Toketee Falls. So it took about 5+ hours to get to Jacksonville.

It had been quite a few years since I had been to Toketee – and I’m really glad we decided to stop on our way through.

And now, some images:

Dry creek general store on hwy 138 Oregon
This is the Oregon I know.
general store in oregon
Not exactly a scene of abundance, but there is a certain charm to a remotely located general store.
father and daughter eating sandwiches
Pitstop perspective.
bathroom at Oregon general store
Rustic charm, man.
oregon kid
Inspecting the water pipeline near the entrance to Toketee Falls.
forest scene with rustic bridge
The beginning of the Toketee Falls “hike.”
A Fall hike to a waterfall might not offer the most abundant (I realize I just said abundant again – deal with it) water flow, but it offers plenty of leafy goodness along the way.
mom and daughter photo in the forest
Typical. 😉
dad on daughter on a rock in the woods
Father and daughter splendor. So many pretty photo stops on the hike.
curvy tree in oregon
Curves for days!
Climbing a rock in flip-flops is tricky... I'm not asking for an award, but if you're offering... ;)
Climbing a rock in flip-flops is tricky… I’m not asking for an award, but if you’re offering… 😉 Also, Daphne’s face and hand gesture!
kid on a hike in oregon
Lots of stairs and lots of “I’ll be the leader!”
toketee falls, oregon
Isn’t she a beaut! A pretty kid-friendly hike, too. There are some definite drop-offs that you would want to hold little one’s hands, but overall it’s pretty straightforward.

In case you’re in the market for some super comfy “hiking” shoes, these are my favorite! Don’t say I never did anything nice for you:

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