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Wanderin’ // Oregon Cuteness and Pie


Yup.  I’m still sharing images from the little overnight trip we took in late September. Just deal with it.

Remember the Toketee Falls post with all the semi-outdoorsy images? Well, if you’re just now joining, go back and check out that post as it will give you the whole picture. I’ll wait…

Ok, so after the falls we ventured to that magical place of childhood wonder: Beckie’s Cafe at Union Creek. Now, if you’re an Oregon kid that has visited Crater Lake a few times in your day, you probably remember Beckie’s for one thing and one thing alone: pie. So, obviously I HAD to stop there with Daphne and Derek (who are Oregon kids that have never been!) and introduce them to Becky’s. And while I’m at it, let me introduce you to Beckie’s…

becky's cafe oregon
The inside of Beckie’s is charmingly dark and wood-y. Lots of wood everywhere – and lots of pie. It has that certain “way out west” je ne sais quoi.
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…it’s also historic…
coconut cream pie at becky's in union creek
I’m such a sucker for coconut cream.
cherry pie with ice cream
Daph ordered the cherry pie. Ultimately she liked the idea of it better than the actual taste. So really, Derek had the cherry pie. It was nice to have a little Twin Peaks moment, though.
pie menu
Pie AND hunting licenses all within reach? What more could a girl really need? Well, tacos for one…

In case you’re wondering, Union Creek is a pretty straightforward little hamlet: there’s Beckie’s, there’s a “resort” with cabins and such, an ice cream joint that never seems to be open when I drive by (which is once every 8 years or so), and a little general store thing. Oh, and a wicked good looking BBQ truck that I SHOULD have tried but was too full of pie. Oh the tragedy. That’s it. That’s Union Creek.  Just a little wayside on the road to Crater Lake and Bend or Medford – depending on which way you’re headed.

Union Creek though, is nestled amongst a huge forest bit that feels super Redwood-y and is also adjacent to the Rogue Gorge (part of the Rogue River). The Rogue Gorge for me is two things: magically cool on a hot summer’s day (all that cold water pushing cold mist up through the gorge – refreshing if you’re standing nearby), and the Living Stump. The Living Stump is undoubtedly one of those über cheeseball, pseudo lame, wonders of nature. But I freakin’ love that thing and I HAD to show it to Daphne. Because if she didn’t LOVE it too, well, I would question all truth in this universe. Don’t worry though, she loved it.

pumice rock
Pumice goodness.
the rogue gorge oregon
The Gorge
kid in oregon
Oregon kid
the rogue river near the gorge
The Rogue River is something mighty pretty!
the living stump oregon
“Go stand by that stump so I can take your picture!”
the living stump oregon
Just chillin’ by my favorite über cheeseball, pseudo lame, yet still totally legit wonder of nature.
the living stump oregon
Obviously, pretending the Living Stump is his leg. These are the reasons I keep him around. 😉

After the epic stop for pie and to see the Gorge AND THE STUMP we continued to make our way to Jacksonville.

I’ve included some images from Eagle Point (holy cuteness batman!) and Shady Cove (both just north of Medford), and there are some images of our brief stay at the CUTEST little AirBNB in Jacksonville. Seriously adorable.

soft serve at pails frosty

I regrettably couldn’t handle soft serve and hour after pie. I know, really letting myself down with that one. But, will you look at that soft serve swirl glory?!

phil's frosty shady cove oregon

Phil’s Frosty is a must-stop in Shady Cove. “The Cove” is far from being a booming metropolis, so Phil’s kiiiiiinda has the market on awesome in the town. I mean, really, though, anywhere with soft serve ice cream is a must-stop. Let’s not even argue about this!

butte creek mill oregon
Historic Oregon at it’s damn cutest!

How overwhelmingly “historic Americana Old West-y” is this place?! Butte Creek Mill, you won the “cute” award this trip! Sadly, there are no trophies for such awards yet – except if you count this blog post.

butte creek mill eagle point oregon
The checkout counter at The Butte Creek Mill…
butte creek mill oregon
Looking up in the mill. ALL the heart eye emojis.
butte creek mill oregon
The various sundries inside the mill. Oh yeah, and it’s STILL an active grain mill.
butte creek mill eagle point
The cuteness is pretty much EVERYWHERE in The Butte Creek Mill. Who knew, Eagle Point contained such wonders?!
Late summer goodness.
Late summer goodness.
plymale cottage jacksonville, oregon
LITERALLY a 1/2 block from downtown Jacksonville – a great location!
Daphne had her own little room with fresh biscotti in the morning.
Daphne had her own little room with fresh biscotti in the morning.
The Mustard Seed in Jacksonville, Oregon
Yelp and the entire internet seemed to think this was the place to go for breakfast – and it was pretty darn good!
the mustard seed in jacksonville, oregon
I’m a fan of restaurants that attempt to occupy kids (and me) at mealtime.

PHEW! There’s some photos for you guys!

So yeah, Oregon continues to dazzle and I’m SO proud to call this gorgeous and varied state home. It’s amazing what little wonders you can find just a hop, skip, and a jump from your home.

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  1. This is my favorite blog so far! Great photos, good text. (I like this voice better. Not so rough sounding.) Oregon is full of travel that is spectacular! I love the close up of Beckies and the gorge. Thanks! Mumsey

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