childs hand in the sand

To the Coast – A Summer Ocean

School starts next week for our little first grader – the school supplies, clothes, and shoes are bought and ready to be used.  One last hurrah? Yes!  We traveled to the coast (Florence, Oregon), about an hour and a half away from home and stayed for the night at my parent’s beach house just steps from the sand.  We spent lots of time at the beach and in the dunes.  Just as it should be.  We took both of the dogs this time (Chicken and Biskit – two little terriers) – so that was…interesting.  Their companionship did turn the somewhat short car trip into an almost two and a half hour car ride, but on a whole, they were good dogs and had a blast at the beach, too.

I love taking photos at the beach, or really, anywhere out in the wild.  The images I typically try to capture will have a dwarfing effect on the people in the image – fully portraying the immensity and grandeur of nature.  Daphne has always been an ocean baby, so at the beach, this is her element.  I think that shows in the images I captured with her.

Earlier this summer we took a little day trip to the beach in Florence and spent some time at Battle Rock State Park in Port Orford, Oregon – it’s fascinating how different the beaches can feel just a few hours away from each other.  Finally, this year, I’m happy with how many times we made it to the coast and into the woods – I like focusing on these small but meaningful adventures close to home – they’re usually the most fulfilling and easy to plan, etc.

Summer is almost over, but I’m still scheming one last little trip somewhere. In the meantime, here is our time at the beach:

girl and dog with ocean
A girl introducing her dog to her big beautiful ocean.
kid on sand dunes
Beach light and quiet moments.
sand dunes
Dune tracks.
Tree textures.
dune grass
Ripples + dune grass.
legs with leashes
I was a human hitchin’ post.
girl and the ocean
This is her place – and how lucky she is to have found it.
ice cream
It’s almost tradition that we stop and get ice cream at BJ’s along HWY 101 – Maplenut called to me.
beach sunset
Almost sunset – always perfection.
funny sign
Just in case you were wondering…

Note: I do have a fancy DSLR camera, but lately I’ve been taking snapshots with my iPhone to play with the quality and scope of the images than can be produced using just the cell phone.  Eventually I’ll embrace my DSLR, but for now, all of my images are taken using an iPhone 6 Plus and I use the VSCO app sparingly.


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