The Last Farmers Market | Eugene, Oregon

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Bountiful peppers – still!
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Romanesco is just the most magical thing. It’s arrival at the markets is always so exciting!

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Brussel sprouts – the most humble and tasty little guys.
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Beets are excellent in that you can dress them up with summer flavors or dress them down like fall.
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Oh, parsnips. Just add pancetta and maple syrup and you’re golden. Or don’t, and they’re still amazing!
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My weakness.
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Girthy and gorgeous celeriac.
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I mean, look at these cute little carrots!
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Do you Delicata, acorn, or butternut? I’m a butternut-er all the way.
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Kale and taters. That pink!

How have we already gotten to the last market in Eugene, Oregon?!

Well, last Saturday (November 12th), was the last outdoor farmers market in Eugene, Oregon (with the exception of the small little market adjacent to Hideaway Bakery on Saturdays).  It was a cold and windy yet sunshine-y morning, and you could tell that the market had become a “last man standing” kinda jam. It was thin. But that doesn’t mean it was slim pickin’s.  On the contrary! Even with a smaller number of booths, the produce was bountiful! Groundwork’s even had corn!

The Lane County Farmers Market will move indoors (through December 18th) at the Lane County Fairgrounds. Along with many of the usual farmers, there will also be some annual holiday items (wreaths, etc).

This last year I maybe went to the farmers market 5 times. I’m not one for the crowds of people, so this year, even though I wanted to purchase from other farms, I mostly frequented the excellent Groundwork Organics farm stand just outside town on River Road (and yes, I would drive from Dexter to the farm – an hour plus round trip). Note: this farm stand will be open through November 20th.

So, fall abundance here in Oregon. What are you making? What are you craving? Are you putting anything up? Here’s what’s inspiring me this fall season:

  • I’ve been doing a quick boil (5-7 min) on the Brussel sprouts. Then, I halve them, and saute with butter (vegan butter in my case), and drizzle with a bit of Dijon mustard and lemon juice.
  • I’m plotting to make THIS out of celeriac.
  • I mostly roast my beets, but ever so often I’ll do a quick shave and toss with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. Make sure the shavings are super thin!


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