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Best Bits – Summer Vibes

“The ‘Best Bits’ series here at Nibs & Bits is mainly a journal of everyday life at home & around the Willamette Valley.  The series will be predominately image based and meant to give you a little peek into my daily life when I’m not reviewing/discovering food carts, coffee shops, small businesses, and farms.”



Some good Oregon summer vibes:

willamette river in oregon
summer in Oregon has arrived
freshly cut oregano
harvesting oregano time
vegan spinach artichoke dip
dinners outside – vegan spinach artichoke dip
ladybug on oregano
ladybugs like oregano, too
wandering goat coffee in eugene
some of the best iced coffee around – wandering goat
hammock by a creek
backyard hangs are the best hangs -especially with a good book

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