padron peppers and corn on the cob

Summer Soaked 4th of July

I’ve never been a big Independence Day celebrating/big BBQ/red, white, and blue type of person. Fireworks are fun, yeah, but, eh? <—-You can insert a shrug right there.

This year’s 4th of July festivities managed to warm even this Scrooge’s heart. ¬†Swimming holes with excited 6 year olds and corn-on-the-cob fresh from the farm have that warming of the heart effect on me.¬†A lovely 4th of July weekend was had. It surprised me in the best way possible – and that image of my daughter in the waterfall, well, that’s the bliss I hope she feels abundantly in her life, and I’m so happy I captured it:

sparklers on the 5th of July
cherry tomato + basil + tarragon bruschetta
kid in a waterfall
cherry tomatoes on a cutting board
tomatoes straight from the garden
blueberries and Lucky Peach magazine
local blueberries + a good magazine
padron peppers
simple fried padron peppers + salt
kid jumping in a creek
our backyard…well, 30 minutes away


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