Sneaky Universes – An Essay

The act of finding yourself isn’t a notch that you’ll finally fit smoothly into once you’ve actually “found yourself.”

It’s one of those stupid “journey not the destination” jams.

Lets get this straight, I’m BIG on the destination.

I’m also working on that aspect of myself – as it’s not working out too well being solely destination driven.

You can try to make it fit into that notch, try to make your journey complete and therefore yourself complete.

Over and over like a crazy person.

You’ll never get that door open with that key. But you’ll want to keep trying. ¬†Wholeheartedly believing that relief and relaxation are around the corner when you’ve “found yourself.”


Your life is a goddamned circle. You won’t know the answer before the question.

Now what?

You’ve got this circle to work with. Build it as you will. But, where do you start when you don’t know what’s around the corner? Failure or success?

Damnit, that’s what life is.

Taking every step forward towards growth with a big ol’ fat leap of faith; while also trying to stay true to yourself.

To be specific, true to what makes you content. Happiness is often a/the goal, but, I find happiness is fleeting and not nearly as tangible as being truly content. Content is being at peace.

And here’s the kicker: when you’re content and at peace, you’re there. The journey and the destination are the same thing.

The universe is a sneaky bastard like that.


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