sammitch food truck in eugene, oregon

Sandwiches at Sammitch Food Truck in Eugene, Oregon

I’ve been meaning to try the Sammitch food truck in the Eugene area for, well, going on 2 years now.  I’m nothing if not prompt! But hey, I finally did it, finally bit into the sammich… and here are my thoughts and some images:

sammich food truck in eugene

There are two Sammitch trucks/carts in Eugene.  One is usually located off of Chambers, and the other is usually downtown near the post office.  Since I was downtown, that’s the one I landed at.  With the husband and kiddo in tow we ordered a few things – which is always handy for the food blogger!

Let’s get right to the nitty gritty, shall we?

the menu at Sammitch Food truck in Eugene, OR

menu board at Sammitch Food Truck in Eugene, OR

Now, Sammitch isn’t what I expected.  I wasn’t expecting a majority of their sandwiches to be served on Dave’s Killer Bread (which I love) – sure, you could say it’s a somewhat uninventive move conceptually, but really, I like Dave’s bread (insert satisfied shoulder shrug). Sure, they don’t utilize local bakeries or make their own sandwich bread, but they still have something I enjoy and something I often crave. #thumbsup With the “saminis” you have the option of Dave’s or a ciabatta roll – I happened to chose a ciabatta roll for my sammitch as the husband ordered a sandwich which came on Dave’s.

Here are our sandwiches:

sandwich at Sammitch Food Truck in Eugene, OR
The “ORGASmitch”
sandwich as Sammitch food truck in Eugene, OR
The “Gone Clubbin”

Would I go back? Absolutely. There at least a few sammitches I’d like to try.

Now, as the Sammitch truck parked on Willamette and 6th isn’t exactly equipped to eat at (no tables or area to comfortably chow down), I would recommend taking your sandwich to the nearest park area (we went to Skinner Butte Park on the Willamette River) – or, if you’re just popping over from work, taking it back to your workplace is a good option, too.

Side note: Sammitch has won The Eugene Weekly’s (a local publication) “Best of Eugene – Food Truck” 2 years in a row. #BraggingRights

You can check out their website HERE (which has all the info you’ll need), their Twitter feed HERE, and their Facebook page HERE.  They’re not super active on social media but they do update occasionally.


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