peasant food manifesto food truck

‘Peasant Food Manifesto’ food truck in Bellevue, Washington hits ALL the good taste buds


Let’s just start with the name, shall we, and how much I dig it: Peasant Food Manifesto.  I mean, honestly, the quirky/cool name is the first thing that inspired me to even look at the menu online, and then, after seeing the menu I knew I had to have their food in my mouth and in my life!

My only regret with the Peasant Food Manifesto is that I didn’t order more food to nom on. #sadface

Because I’m a predictable hipster-hybrid sort of gal, I of course LOVE Vietnamese phó, so obviously I ordered the phó flavor inspired French dip sandwich. The “pho-renchy” was hella creative but also hella refined with it’s flavors and preparation (I could have drank the broth straight up – and did a bit at the end).  Basically, a home run. Why oh why do I have to live 5+ hours away from this fusion goodness?!

These days “fusion” cuisines are pretty common thing with food carts/trucks – and really, I usually love most fusion foods, but typically, they’re fairly predictable combinations. PFM manages to still surprise and delight with their fusion fare! I mean seriously, they recently featured a ramen burger on their menu. Did I mention I live 5+ hours away and how sad I am by that?!


If you’re in the Seattle area check them out. They’re doing awesome/inspiring/fun/tasty things with food!

peasant food manifesto food truck menu
I’m stoked with their concise menu
pho-renchy at peasanthood manifesto food truck
the “pho-renchy” – amazing (and I’m not saying that lightly)
peasant food manifesto food truck
love the graphics on their truck

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for their locations, schedule, and specials.

Note: if you happen to be a vegan or even a half-assed vegan like myself they have you covered with the “Inigo Montoya”, which is also an option if you’re sticking gluten-free.


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