My One Little Word and a List


I felt compelled to write a post that I can look back on in the coming months and make sure that I’m keeping myself on track. A sort of lenient manifesto that is essentially a collection of words that equal goals, inspirations, and ideas that may or may not form my reality.

I’m also partaking (albeit wildy inactively in the One Little Word creative/lifestyle prompt – more about that HERE).

So here we go, to 2017 and beyond:

Make more art, look at iPhone less.

Connect with people that care and build more meaningful relationships with people who want to build them.

Read more at night with music playing and lamps glowing.

Light more candles and send more good vibes.

Watch more movies that pique my interest and veg out less on TV I’ve already seen (I’m lookin’ at you Parks and Recreation and The Office!).

Communicate more honestly. 

Take more pictures with my cameras and actually learn the proper way to use them.

Ferment more veggies and sauces.

Have a somewhat productive garden at my new house.

Cook more new things and make sure to do so with Daphne.

Emotionally let go of the feelings that bind me in a stagnant place. Or at least try to.

Be a more present mother and play more mini-golf and go bowling more.

Be more vulnerable and open.

Now, I may add more to this list as January slowly progresses, or, I may just leave it simple and straight up. I’m not quite sure just yet. But that’s part of my journey right now: to wait and see what needs to be where instead of filling the vacancy with uncertain objects that may actually impede my personal, professional, and spiritual progress.

Could you guess my ‘One Little Word?‘ It’s MORE!

I may not use it in any sort of scrap-book/memory keeping application, but hey, I do love working with paper and images, so who knows, maybe I will whip up some creative endeavor with my word. Mostly, though, I want to use the word to mediate on, and as a daily reminder of what I want to manifest my life to become. Passing the corner from my 20’s into my 30’s has really shined a light on what I want my future to be and has given me the courage to pursue it. Passively or aggressively. As weird and wonky as 2016 was, it helped me gain my bearings, and for that, I’m extremely grateful.

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