Leaping into 2017

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I usually start a blog post with where I’m physically writing from.

Well, today, I have failed to vacate my pajamas. My hair is in a newer sloppy bun than the sloppy bun I assembled it into when I went to sleep last night. I’m sitting on my sofa that has been pushed to one side of the room to make way for the boxes and the general disarray that accompanies a move that is nearby. Chaos. I hate packing and unpacking so many books and movies and music, but, I love them all so dearly – so, into the boxes they go.

I’ll be starting a new chapter of my life soon. And it seems fitting that it is also the start of a new calendar year. 2017.

To keep it simple and internet digestible, I’m moving 30 minutes away from my current home in the rainforest-y woods, to the town of Eugene, Oregon, into a tiny little two bedroom/one bathroom bungalow-ish house. Accompanying me are four cats (Dweenie, Gibs, ChoCho, and JujiBean), my daughter (for half of the time), and my enormous media collection.

My husband and I came to the conclusion that we enjoy being married to each other (we’ve almost put in 10 years!), we like parenting our daughter together, but alas, we absolutely do not enjoy living together. Felix Unger and Oscar Madison. The Odd Couple. I believe we have both reached a point in our personal evolution where we no longer want to sacrifice our goals and dreams (no matter how small or large), nor our particular brand of comfort for the image of marriage is supposed to be. We typically compromise so much that neither of us end up feeling passionate for the outcome.

I guess you could ask: “why would you stay married, then?” A totally valid question. But really, why not? We have experienced no loss of love or friendship – and most likely, with the impending relocation, I presume our relationship will only get better. Life being what it is, a total mixed bag, who knows though, maybe it will tank so hard and fast that we won’t know what hit us? That’s the gamble. But, staying stagnant is not an option for us.

The biggest obstacle to this transition is financial. Hopefully, though, as I’ve been told, “leap, and the net will appear.”

This leap is scary and exciting. Equal amounts of both. I’m incredibly excited and apprehensive. I’ve never been one to shy away from change, and I don’t mean to stop now.

I’ll probably talk more details of lifestyle in the weeks to come, but for now, moving and packing are on the immediate horizon – so pass all the soy lattes and donuts!


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