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Lagoon Magic, Venice, Italy

The bell at the top of Campanile San Marco.
The north side of the island – on Fondamente Nove. Wandering in the light downpour made the whole experience a certain kind of magical. The seaweed swishing back and forth against the boats and stairs that lead into the sea. Sigh.
Abandoned broom and the cemetery on San Michele.
A quiet passageway.
Children’s bookstore – on Campo San Provolo. Near San Zaccaria.
The Doge’s Palace and San Marco Square at dawn. The most perfect time to see it. Maybe 5 people walking around.
Inside The Doge’s Palace. A wall in the courtyard.
Doge’s Palace courtyard tiling.
Gelato in the rain at Campo San Zaccaria. A lovely little hidden church. Light a candle, breathe in the centuries of damp salt air.
An art exhibition along the Grand Canal at the Hotel Ca’ Sagredo. The artist is Lorenzo Quinn, and the piece is meant to reach people and educate regarding climate change and the rising tides and how they will effect the world and most definitely Venice, herself.
Morning produce delivery.


Little looker. Atop Campanile San Marco.
Marzipan. Venetian themed.
Passageways on San Michele.
Gondolier meeting at San Felice.
Shutters and flower boxes.
Composer Stravinsky and his wife buried on San Michele.
A lovely Victorian era gravesite.



  1. Debi Debi

    Beautiful pictures of rare beauty. Thank you for “taking” us with you!!

  2. The M The M

    The charm of a famous, beautiful city…..captured in every photo! No wonder she ( the city) lures in the crowds, many who may not even see her timeless elegance. These are stunning. M

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