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Hay Baby Food Cart in Springfield, Oregon

If you live in or around the Eugene/Springfield area, and you’re a food cart/truck enthusiast, like myself, you’ve probably noticed that the food cart “scene” in Springfield is pretty dismal – or even, well, non-exisitant is also a fitting word.  For a while there Lani Moku (an Hawaiian plate lunch cart) was located just over the freeway from Eugene near the Target in Springfield, but alas, now they’re located with 3 other food carts/trucks at the newly opened Beergarden off of 6th street, next to Gray’s Garden Center in the quirky Whiteaker neighborhoodBeergarden is a great airy joint with beer/cider/kombucha flowing freely and food cart fare to soak up all the libations – but that leaves Springfield basically empty of food carts…

hay baby food cart in Springfield, Oregon

But wait!!

Recently I stumbled upon the adorable little Hay Baby food cart located in downtown Springfield (5th and A st.) – and was wildly excited to give it a try! Now, if you haven’t noticed recently, Springfield is attempting a food renaissance of sorts.  They have two locally owned brew companies/taprooms open (Plank Town and Claim 52 located within walking distance downtown) and they also have an adorable (yes, another adorable!) bakery/cafe, 100 Mile Bakery, located next to Claim 52, serving locally sourced goodness. Basically, Springfield has some exciting developments “brewing”.

Back to Hay Baby: it’s a cute little food cart right across the street from the public library and the lovely little fountain area; so it’s a handy destination for peoples working downtown, or for people like myself, that drive for 30+ minutes to try new food carts. They serve your basic “American” staples: burgers, burritos, Frito pie, etc. If it tastes good with ranch dressing, they probably serve it.That’s a #win in my book, y’all!

hay baby food cart's menu in springfield, Oregon

I really dig that Hay Baby’s menu is small (4-6 menu items), because when I see a small menu I instantly assume that attention to detail and quality will be the emphasis of their food, regardless of the cuisine.  With Hay Baby I was indeed correct in this assumption.

the burger at hay baby food cart in springfield oregon

Since my partner-in-crime wasn’t with me that particular day I only ordered one item, their burger “Dan’s Big Cheeseburger” – and damn, it was and is a hunk of juicy goodness. My kiddo even exlaimed that is was “better than those dry burgers from that place in Eugene.”  And even though most of the time I’m a vegan (I’m a half assed vegan, I know), I do make an exception to try local businesses and cross my fingers they at least use local/ethically raised/grass fed beef.  Hay Baby does, so that gives their burger extra karma points and extra bragging rights – (they use local grass fed beef supplied by the local meat market in Springfield, Bright Oak Meats).

The next time I get lunch or noms at Hay Baby I’ll order some more items so I can share some more of their goodness with you (pictures definitely are worth a thousand words).  But I will say, that while I was waiting for my order, a guy that ordered a wedge salad with steak actually came back to the cart after receiving his food to compliment the owner on how awesome his food tasted. So yeah, you go Springfield – we want MORE food carts and locally conscious businesses!

the fountain at the springfield public library in oregon
an excellent spot to chow down on your burger and wish you would have grabbed more napkins

Check out Hay Baby on Facebook HERE, and follow on Twitter HERE.

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