Guardian of the Beginning: Sunrise

I’m usually up early enough to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. This fact is both annoying and soul nourishing.

I don’t usually wax romantic about sunrises and/or sunsets, because, well, cliché much?

But I’m going to.

First, the fact that they last only a few minutes, well, damn nature – what a way to tease. Why, I ask, do we as human beings find these colors of the sun and sky so moving? Do other animals find this to be true? Are they moved by these brief moments in the day?

It’s then, at sunrise and sunset, that I find being human a gift. Because, we have the ability to comprehend such simple and ordinary beauty. To see romance in cause and effect and absorb it.

I believe the wonder of sunrises and sunsets can be simply condensed to our love for story and narrative. Sunrises represent a sweet and hopeful beginning. Sunsets represent a glorious ending (at least to that day).

They’re bookends. They hold our days together. They’re the guardians of the beginning and the end.

{I took these images with my iPhone – nothing fancy, just snapping the moment – I processed them in the VSCO app.}

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