lavender image taken with fujifilm x70

First Impressions of the Fujifilm X70

// a David Attenborough moment //
I recently purchased a Fujifilm X70 mirrorless camera (more on that HERE) as my EDC (every day camera).

Now, as someone that is fairly new to the digital camera game (I primarily use my iPhone 6+, a Fujifilm Instax, and have played around a bit with a Canon DSLR – but nothing serious), I must say, I’m a tad intimidated by the learning curve that is ahead of me – but at the same time I’m excited to master the fundamentals and get crackin’ with the creative side of photography.

*Note: the Fujifilm X70 is a mirrorless digital camera and not a DSLR (digital single lens reflex).

Not only am I embarking on a journey to learn the basics of photography and digital photography, but I’m also teaching myself how to use the photo editing software, Lightroom. I mean, I need to be able to edit my images – and honestly, Lightroom seems a tad easier and far more approachable than Photoshop. You’ll currently find me watching ALL the YouTube videos and Lynda tutorials.

Let’s document the process!

A few nights back I took the X70 for a test run in my back yard – nothing fancy, I mostly kept the camera in AF mode – just to play around and take her for a spin. The images below are the results. I hope to document my progress (and possibly lack of) in the coming months here on this blog space. I would love to hear any tips, tricks, or presets you love when using this camera – so far though, I’m really liking it!

rose image taken with fujifilm x70
// using the “toy camera” setting //
lavender image taken with fujifilm x70
// leaning lavender //
tomatillo taken with fujifilm x70
// tomatillo baby //
image taken with fujifilm x70
// baby that isn’t so much a baby anymore //
dill flower taken with fujifilm x70
// dill flowers //
fujifilm x70
// apples in the shadows //
rose taken with fujifilm x70
// rose and the green canopy //
brassica taken with fujifilm x70
// the heart of the brassica //
taken with fujifilm x70
// self portrait – #nomakeup //
// baby broad beans and their flowers //
fujifilm x70
// evening at home //
fujifilm x70
// profile //
fujifilm x70
// looking up //



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