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hand b&w photograph

I feel like at it’s core, Sunday is for pretty things. Feeling pretty things, seeing pretty things, and making pretty things. Now, if you happen to find those pretty feelings in church, or if you find those pretty feelings outside, or even if you find those feelings sitting in front of your computer, drinking coffee, listening to your favorite electronic music (points finger at myself) – well, I’m glad you found them. Spread your pretty!

Today, which happens to be a Sunday, I’m finding this collection of hands to be “pretty” inspiring and pretty!

black and white hand photograph

hands in ivy photograph

hands image

black and white hands suspended in water image

hand pushing smoke image

snails on hand black and white image

hands reaching out image

hands photo

hands and bubbles image

black and white hand study image

black and white hand and head image

hand on still water image

hands and fruit image

black and white clutching hands image

hands in the sun black and white image

hands illustration

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