Easy and Delicious: Buddha Bowls

buddha bowl

// HERE // vegan

Since jumping into the lush and green mostly-vegan landscape two years back, one of my favorite vegan dishes is just a solid vegan bowl – it’s pretty much the tastiest and most satisfying thing ever. It goes by many names (Buddha bowl, bliss bowl, power bowl, superfood bowl, Yumm bowl, hippie bowl), and it’s not always vegan, but generally, no matter what the ingredients, the bowls are typically easy to make (at least they should be!), are easy on the wallet, substantially nourishing, and wildly addictive.

You can really go anywhere you want ingredient wise with a good Buddha bowl: Mexican, Asian, hippie crunch veggie explosion, put an egg on it, meat it up (not so Buddha-like), meat it down, rice, quinoa, beans, no beans (gasp!)… I could keep going. Buddha bowls are literally the Bubba Gump of food items.

Warning: these bowls are something I’ll get on a serious food “kick” with – in a BIG way. Like, I’ll “try” and eat them for lunch/dinner for a solid week or more. Luckily, my husband doesn’t share my eat-it-for-every-meal compulsions, so I’ll usually get diverted by the second or third day. So, bowl makers beware, the Matrix of the Buddha bowl may have you, Neo. Either way though, red pill or blue, you’ll wanna give the Buddha bowl a go at least once.

…and if you’re looking for the perfect actual bowl, these are my favorite!

Let the Buddha bowl inspiration flow like wine…
buddha bowl

Cuban quinoa bowl with spicy lemon cashew dressing // HERE // vegan + gf

buddha bowl

Mediterranean quinoa bowl with feta and roasted red pepper sauce // HERE // veg

power bowl

Power bowl with smoked paprika vinaigrette // HERE // vegan

buddha bowl

Spiced apple cider and sweet potato quinoa bowl // HERE // vegan + gf

superfood buddha bowl

Superfood Buddha bowl with mint pesto // HERE // vegan +gf

buddha bowl

The big ‘un! // HERE //

buddha bowl

This cute little guy // HERE // vegan + gf

buddha bowl

The ultimate Buddha bowl // HERE // vegan + gf

buddha bowl

ALL the colors // HERE // vegan + gf

buddha bowl

Put an egg on it // HERE // veg + gf

buddha bowl

Winter bliss bowl // HERE //

bahn mi buddha bowl

This bahn mi Buddha bowl looks uh-mazing // HERE //

buddha bowl

Buddha bowl with polenta // HERE //

…and lastly, if you need a dressing for your bowl:

buddha bowl dressing

Buddha bowl dressing // HERE //


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