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Best Bits – Tomato Toast Days

“The ‘Best Bits’ series here at Nibs & Bits is mainly a journal of everyday life at home & around the Willamette Valley. The series will be predominately image based and meant to give you a little peek into my family’s daily life.”

This past week or so has been spent embracing hearth and home in a very summer-y way. I’ve been a pickling and fermenting fool, with breaks for small treats in town and such.  Dinner, more often than not has been the now infamous “tomato toast” – because, seriously, at the end of a long day the LAST thing I feel like doing is cooking a big dinner and cleaning up the dishes that that process brings. So, a toaster, some sourdough-isn bread from a local bakery, a slather of Vegenaise, and a big juicy tomato from a local farm makes thee perfect dinner on a summer evening. If I’m feeling really lavish, I throw some fresh basil on top that toast, and the child may or may not pick it off (“I don’t like those leaf things on my ‘mater toast” – “you mean basil?” – “yeah, basil”). Shrug. More for me. Try it, and you too may make it for dinner for four days straight…

Now, I give you the past week or so in images – and I must say, I’m quite fond of the last one:

kid painting of a cat
The kiddo has been cranking out some masterpieces this summer – I’m particularly fond of this one: Cat on a Carpet Next to a Fireplace.
If I could bring a crate of watermelon home I probably would… Cold watermelon is the best summer dessert.
latte from 16 tons
An espresso respite is needed every now and then – the soy lattes at 16 Tons are the best in town.
nature image
Afternoon sun flares down at the creek.
frozen yogurt image
Sometimes, you need some sugar in some sugar.
lavender and a stuffed animal
The drying lavender and it’s companion.
blackberries on the vine
I wish our blackberries tasted as good as I imagine they do in my mind – alas, they’re bland little things. But lovely, nonetheless.
nature image with dog and child
There’s magic down at the creek – just look up.
lavender drying
Lavender from the backyard – most likely bound for sachets.
tomato toast
Tomato toast – the ultimate fall-back for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. A thing of beauty!


I’ve been listening to a lot of this lately, and I gotta say, it’s pretty chill fermenting music. I’m guessing the cucumbers and cabbage dig it:

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