shoes and creek from the perspective of a bridge

Best Bits – Dog Days of Summer

The ‘Best Bits’ series here at Nibs & Bits is mainly a journal of everyday life at home & around the Willamette Valley. The series will be predominately image based and meant to give you a little peek into my daily life.

The dog days of summer are here, dwindling, and school will soon be starting; the tail end of summer is both a relief and bittersweet.  I’ll miss the loose schedule of summer but also I’ll be a bit happy and relieved to implement a more rigid morning schedule with the start of the school year. Working from home is lovely because you can set your own hours, but anyone that works from home realizes that that is not really how it works – you work mornings, afternoons, evenings, and often on weekends. It’s not easy, but, you do have the freedom to say “NO! Time to go to the creek for a swim!” – and that luxury is enough to make this lifestyle a soul-nourishing endeavor; even with the many stressors it brings.

School supply shopping is on the horizon, salsa making is on the horizon, and soup season is on the horizon. The distinct smell of an Oregon autumn lingers in the air at most times during the day, and the light that filters through the tall maple trees as I swing quietly in the hammock by the creek tells me fall is just around the corner. As I approach my 30th birthday this next month, I can truly see that one of the greatest joys in life is watching the seasons change.

This week’s Best Bits is mostly an accounting of the slow down of summer. Projects, birthday parties, out and about in town, in the woods, and all that good stuff.

bowling alley
A different perspective – bowling alley for a birthday party.
black and white photo of breakfast dinner stuff
Breakfast out bits + pieces.
small child in the forest
Little girl – big forest.
My crocks are currently living on our pellet stove – with the onset of fall they will have to find a new home.
cluttered kitchen drawer
An organization project I haven’t tackled yet – being a Virgo, this is indeed an oversight! 😉
in a hammock with watermelon
Hammock hangs – these Tangerine Dream watermelons from this farm are insanely good!
korean hot sauces
Date night was spent at the local Asian food store – the hot sauces get all the heart eye emojis.
pancakes and coffee
Blueberry pancakes and cold brew – a good idea for a Wednesday morning. I use this recipe and LOVE it!
Stopped in at our local fermentation supply store for some odds and ends.
Little treasures at the local used bookstores – I went to find this book, but ended up bringing this one home, too! So so so good!
watermelon + mint
The chickens cleaned this watermelon up! It was a mushy mess of a watermelon – to the chickens it went. And by the looks of it, they liked it!

I’ve been reading this book quite a bit these days.  And by reading I mean consulting it when I’m scared my projects are growing something unusual! This book is as comprehensive and approachable as it gets:

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