leaves in the autumn

Best Bits // Changing Seasons

The ‘Best Bits’ series is mainly a journal of everyday life at home & around the Willamette Valley. This series will be predominately image based and meant to give you a little peek into my daily life.

The season is changing. Autumn is slowly transitioning into Winter, and what is, is slowly becoming what was.

There is a bittersweet bite to that – and all too often I find myself looking back and longing for what was: big plump blueberries from my favorite blueberry farmer, sunshine that burns the skin when I fall asleep in my outdoor lounge chair, the smell of fresh cut grass on a soft breeze (and most likely a stray whiff of dog poop), and juicy tomatoes sliced with herbaceous basil plucked from the garden. Summer is such a damn romantic -and I love her with every inch of me.

I have to remind myself, almost daily, to look forward and expect the best that each day has to offer. I’m reminding myself of that a lot lately. But whether trudging forwards or glancing backwards, this life is always magical and lovely and touching and hilarious and sad and happy and awkward. And there is always love. Always.

So while the wet cold of an Oregon autumn bombards my insulted toes who demand socks, while I wear this grey Sedona hoodie almost (read:always) daily like a uniform, and while the pellet stoves rumbles with warmth, the changing seasons offer comfort in their very nature: they keep moving forward. And each season, in your life and in time, presents each of us with the opportunity to paint it whatever color we like.

And soon, there she’ll be again, in all her glory: summer.

November is here and now, though – so let’s let her have a shot, eh?

kung fu master costume
Some Kung Fu Master action happening in our backyard on Halloween…
Elsa Frozen costume
Frozen, guys, Frozen. It’s the glitter of Disney now – it JUST won’t go away.
devil horns
Derek was a lil’ devil. This isn’t a hard role for him to achieve. 😉
girl and pumpkin
Look at that cute little pumpkin. The blue one, obviously!
cheeseburger and fries
Cheeseburgers with friends – Killer Burger in Eugene is definitely a favorite. But turn the music down already, it would be nice to actually talk to my friend. #OldFolksVibes
Quince. It’s what heaven smells like. For real. Divine goodness.
sunrise at dexter lake
Morning vibes fully absorbed by stopping at the nearby lake. Let’s all say a big “thank you” to daylight savings for making it a wee bit lighter in the morning.
compact discs
Organizing CD’s and getting all kinds of nostalgic.
bean and rice bowl
Red beans + rice. Bowls of warm spicy veg have my heart!
fog on the hills
Early morning drives near Reedsport, OR offer foggy blankets that hug the hills.
autumn portrait
Hi, Autumn!
autumn portrait
A guy and his best girl.
dexter, oregon
Hey Oregon, I like you!
creswell, oregon
Small town stormy vibes.
sunset in eugene oregon
…and sunset from Daphne’s swim team. I’ll take it!

Some of my favorite Autumn “essentials”:


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