Best Bits // Birthday Month

The ‘Best Bits’ series is mainly a journal of everyday life at home & around the Willamette Valley. This series will be predominately image based and meant to give you a little peek into my daily life.

I’ve been the worst at keeping a constant presence on this space for the past few weeks. September is a big birthday month for us, my 30th and Daphne’s 7th birthdays – and September is also a big “putting up” month as far as fruit and veggies go, but, I really didn’t do a whole bunch of that, so I suppose I can’t even use that as an excuse. We did take a little overnighter (more later), so that totally counts! Excuses, I know!

Moving on…

It’s October now, and even though we’re still having 70+ degree days here in the southern Willamette Valley, autumn if firmly upon us – and it’s just the loveliest!

-I’ve been stopping in to get apples at our local apple orchard.

-I’ve been buying tiny human sized butternut squashes at the farmers markets.

-I’ve been snatching up ALL the Napa cabbage to make tongbaechu kimchi with.

-I’ve still been drinking cold brew even on the cold mornings.

-I’ve been heating up my car before we head to school at 7:20 in the morning.

-I’ve been cranking up the pellet stove just to hear the pleasant rumbling sounds.

-I’ve been scheming to make ALL the chilis.

-I’ve been fussing over the chickens to make sure they’re warm enough and happy enough.

-I’ve been chain smoking episodes of the television series ‘Hannibal’ like it’s my job.

September was good!

So, here are some of the best bits from our September:

holding hands
We started September with an introduction to 1st grade.
Amazing how these little guys pop up overnight and then vanish by the next morning.
coffee and arm
Birthday coffee – 30 involves ample amounts of #adulting, and I’m not sure how stoked I am by that. But there’s espresso, so… #win
stormtrooper mask
Birthday trooper.
stormtrooper and kid
My step-brother dressed up as a stormtrooper (from Star Wars) and totally surprised me! He also picked Daphne up from the school bus stop.
For most of the summer we’ve been without flowers – now, we have a huge wall of gorgeous sunflowers!
My first time making more traditional Korean kimchi, or tongbaechu kimchi. This batch involved salted shrimp and anchovy sauce.
white roses
I might have stolen these roses from my mom’s backyard. Might have…
cat kid art
1st grade art hanging at Daphne’s school – love it!
kid art
So these were hanging out in the chairs in Daphne’s classroom during open house night. Some were hilarious, some were cute, and some were damn terrifying. I’d say this one falls in between hilarious and terrifying.
A stop in at Hiron’s (a local drug store) for Daphne’s birthday balloons.
hirons nic nacks
You can get lost in Hiron’s chotskie goodness.
kid sleeping with dog
The night before she turned the big 7! I love that I can still see that little baby face – and of course she sleeps with her trusty marshmallow fluff.
kid painting pottery
For her birthday she wanted to go to the paint-your-own-hella-overpriced-pottery-place. So we did. 🙂
pottery painting
She chose a puppy statue, Derek chose a little cobra, and I chose a mug item. I feel like that really sums up all of our personalities.
frozen yogurt
Then came SUGAR.
tomatoes on a platter
…and with October here the tomatoes are slowly coming to an end. Sigh. I really don’t feel like I indulged in enough glorious summer tomatoes. Back around the wheel we go!

I’m really enjoying the basic kimchi recipe from this book – I used it for the first batch of kimchi, and I also used it for the second batch I recently put together.


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