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Best Bits – 18 Hours in Portland, Oregon

“The ‘Best Bits’ series here at Nibs & Bits is mainly a journal of everyday life at home & around the Willamette Valley. The series will be predominately image based and meant to give you a little peek into my daily life when I’m not reviewing/discovering food carts, coffee shops, small businesses, and farms.”

My number one partner-in-crime and I were in Portland very briefly last week (18 hours, actually) to catch Anthony Bourdain speak at The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (which was inspiring and awesome!), and in between dropping the husband off at the airport the following morning and heading back down to the Eugene area, we crammed in some Portland goodness that I’d like to share with images.

Timeframe: we arrived around 4:30 in the afternoon, I dropped partner-in-crime off at PDX at 7am the following morning, and then I left town around 11am. A whirlwind trip – but Portland know’s how to treat you right if you know where to look.

{most images have a link in the text – in case you’re interested in going or looking into}

Bye and Bye on Alberta in Portland
The eclectic interior of The Bye and Bye on Alberta – a vegan-centric bar with some seriously yum vegan food stuffz!
Partner-in-crime profile
Partner-in-crime profile
rice bowl
One of my favorites: The Samurai Bowl at the Bye and Bye – the nutritional yeast coated tofu is legitimately addictive!
Gojo Ethiopian restaurant on Alberta in Portland
Then we popped over to Gojo and had a mish-mash of Ethiopian fare – the injera was particularly nice!

The next day:

Barista coffee shop on Alberta in Portland
My favorite coffee shop in Portland thus far: Barista on Alberta.
blue star donuts portland
A box of Blue Star to bring home to the Number Two Partner-in-Crime, a short stack of pancakes named Daphne.
blue star donuts
The line-up / arrive early, the queue gets crazy ala Voodoo Donuts. Next time I’m trying Pip’s Original, though. I feel like the donut scene lately is rather falsely inflated. Just give me a good raised donut, already!
tasso hash at tasty n alder
Tasso Hash at Tasty n Alder: onion sour cream, over easy egg – it was damn good – and not vegan at all.
church in portland
The First Presbyterian Church looks on as you head into brunch at Tasty n Alder
powers bookstore in portland
…the ubiquitous Powell’s City of Books. Because no stop in Portland is complete without at least stepping inside for 15 minutes.

There are little pockets of Portland that I LOVE and make me wish I lived in a large metropolitan area. But, I’m ALWAYS happy at the end of my visits to drive away and head home into my little pocket of green loveliness at the south end of the Willamette Valley. But, as a city, to visit for a day or two, in the United States, Portland is the creme de la creme – and I usually look forward to returning to discover new pockets of goodness and revisit old stomping grounds.


I mostly use Yelp to find new places to try (to eat), but this is a great little food-centric guidebook that I’ve consulted for the last few years:

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