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An August Farmers Market in the Willamette Valley

August at our local farmers markets is a month of lusty fruit and veg abundance. Everything is exploding with color, texture, and taste. August feels like the culmination of the entire year, and September the big exhale before it all starts it’s cycle over again. The tip-top of summer can feel oppressive, usually hot and uncomfortable, but what August produces is stunning and lovely and worth all the fans purchased in haste. With the autumn crops comes the endless romance of fall and crisp mornings and evenings with apples and pumpkins and spice tickling the air – but August is still submerged in sticky and sweet summer-y goodness.

A¬†look at July’s farmers market HERE.

So, here is August at the Lane County Farmers Market in Eugene, Oregon on a Saturday:

big pile of corn at farmers market
Piles of corn at Lost Creek Farm
dill and tomatoes
Pickling dill heads towering above the tomatoes at Sweet Leaf’s booth.
Loving the texture and stripes on the melons.
The loveliest pile of tiny heirloom tomatoes at Turnip the Beet’s booth.
striped tomatoes
The variegation on these tomatoes from Groundwork Organics is stunning.
Melons and melons and melons.
Always a sucker for wooden crates for displays – peaches and nectarines here at Organic Redneck’s booth.
ALL the heart eye emojis! Plums at Grateful Harvest’s booth.
peppers and tomatillos
The perfect pairings: peppers and tomatillos. Organic Redneck’s layouts are always inspired.
beets and carrots
Sweet Leaf’s root veg display is calling to me – thankfully I have MORE than enough beet abundance from our garden this year.
basil and tomatoes
A classic pairing at Lost Creek Farm
The true representation of summer: the watermelon. These little yellow watermelons from Turnip the Beet! are some of the best I’ve had all year.

The abundance of summer fruit and veg ALWAYS makes me want to take a page or two from this book:

What’s at your local farmers market?

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