little girl in the big woods in awe

Among the Verdant Giants – An Afternoon Well Spent

A hike, the kind of hike best suited for individuals that prefer to wear dresses over swimsuits and inappropriate “hiking” shoes (Birkenstocks are the most non-nature-y looking of hippy nature shoes!) – so basically a flat and meandering trail that leads to lovely green spaces alongside a creek. A picnic was packed, with tasty morsels gathered from the Tuesday Lane County Farmers Market. The picnic was enjoyed next to a creek surrounded by big big trees and a very anxious little person ready to get her feet wet!

The weather as dictated by my iPhone predicted a very hot day (high 90’s).  I considered that it could be one of the last very hot days before school begins in early September, so, we should obviously carpe diem and indulge in an afternoon spent away from work and get our buns in a cold creek among the verdant giants.

Turns out that’s what EVERYBODY and their dog was thinking, and, it turns out that the creek was VERY brisk – even for the little fish to swim in, but the magical nuances of the day still delighted.

Green was the theme of the day:

picnic lunch
A very vegan picnic: apples, carrots, thompson grapes, watermelon, strawberries, lunchbox peppers, lemon cakes, and a loaf of locally made ciabatta.
view of creek and forest
The beginning of our little hike…
creek scene
The layers of green and stone – so enchanting.
layers of green
The light that afternoon was poetry.
creek with sun flares
I love playing with these sun flares. They’re magical.
The moss in the forests right now is really dry compared to most years – you can tell the trees are ready for autumn.
mushrooms in the forest
A little break from solid green – mushrooms hanging out on a log – the darling little clover in the background make this image for me.
spider web on a big tree
Derek (husband) captured this image – love the perspective.
forest scene
Images like these get me excited for chanterelle wildcrafting season.

I make a point to create lovely and lasting images using ONLY my iPhone 6+ as an approachable and quick way for memory keeping. I like the idea that we can create beautiful images with common tools – that is my mission. However, the image of the large tree with spider webs above was taken on a Canon digital camera. But otherwise, all images are my own and taken on an iPhone and edited using the VSCO photo editing application.

If you’re looking to get outside, this website is a great resource as is this book:


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