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A September Farmers Market – Eugene, Oregon

Holy cow – we’re almost halfway through this month! Crazy! I love September – I mean, it’s my birthday month, but it’s also my daughter’s birthday month, and I feel like September is just the best of summer and autumn. Chilly sweater mornings with warm (almost hot) afternoons. Watermelon and pumpkins?! The best of both worlds, really.  I celebrated my 30th birthday yesterday with books, siblings, music shopping, and a big ol’ bacon cheeseburger (#notvegan) – but now, looking at these images I took of Eugene’s Tuesday Farmers market is getting me wildly excited to veg out (literally with vegetables) again.

The September farmers market in the southern Willamette Valley here in Oregon is really quite lovely – but I’m pretty biased.  There is still the prevalence of summer’s bounty, but with the addition of apples, grapes, winter squash coming on, and all the goodies that autumn provides. I’m into it – but, I’m into all the markets, so…

Apples and raspberries
Apple season has all the heart eye emojis.
Some summer berries still hanging out – a reminder to indulge in the here and now.
Snagged some of these beauts for the kiddo’s lunchbox – always a sucker for colorful tomatoes.
farmers market veg
Why hello autumn – sweet potatoes, parsnips, and broccoli.
LOVE love love cauliflower – I like mine roasted with a splash of dijon vinaigrette!
Eggplant! I recently discovered that I’m a bit allergic to it – there goes my eggplant curry dreams. 🙁
fennel and potatoes
Next up on my fermentation radar: fennel! And how beautiful are those potatoes?!
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
These blue jewel grapes from Grateful Harvest Farm are THE BEST THING YOU WILL EVER PUT IN YOUR MOUTH. Grape game: really frikin’ strong!
horseradish roots
Making your own prepared horseradish is super simple – and having locally grown options feels like a luxury.
September brings bumper pepper crops!
Autumn morning light bouncing off of the tomatoes.
‘lopes. Also allergic to all melons except watermelon – but I hear it’s been a great melon year. AND, Organic Redneck has this Melon Ball event every summer – how fun is that?!
fresh okra
I’ve never been a huge okra fan – but since I bought Pierre Thiam’s beautiful Senegal cookbook I’ve been inspired to work with it more with Senegalese applications.
Onion abundance!
Lovely red kuri squash – soaking up the sun.
Little parsnip fingers reaching out to grab you! I particularly love parsnips simply roasted with a hint of maple syrup – it’s not like they need the extra zing of sweet, but I like the addition of the maple flavor.
The peppers are a reminder that summer is still hanging on – and as much as I love autumn, I’m not quite ready to let go of summer.
corn and classic truck
No Eugene farmers market post is complete without a pic of Organic Redneck’s farm truck with veg piled next to it!

The farms featured in this post include: Groundwork Organics, Organic Redneck, and Grateful Harvest. If you have a farm you would like images featured here on this blog space, let me know, I’d be happy to take pictures of your abundance (contact info HERE).

I picked this book up yesterday, on my birthday! Talk about beautiful and wildly inspiring! I’ll be over here devouring it’s pages for the next few weeks:

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