Eat Your Pokémon | Kawaii Bites

pokemon bento box

// HERE //

I mean, it seems like a given that if you Pokémon in any capacity you’ll be into these adorable food stuffs. I’m a fan of kawaii food of any nature – so these Pokémon inspired bento boxes and what-not are seriously captivating me (and I don’t even Pokémon, bro).

So, if you’re planning a birthday party, making something special for the Pokémon Go enthusiast in your life, or just love kawaii food like me, here’s a round-up to get you started!


adorable bento box pokemon

Adorable bento box // HERE //

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Tomatillo Season | Salsa Verde and More!


Tomatillos and how to grow them // HERE //

If I wander out into my garden, in my backyard that also happens to be my front yard, I can see a robust pair of tomatillo plants going bonkers with fruit. I can also see a few tomatillos plants that just randomly sprouted up from last year’s compost.

Summer is crazy like that. Nothing one minute, and then the next, well, let’s just say your basket will be full!

While tomatillos are for sure adorable, and are for sure bountiful when they chose to be, but, what can you make with them?

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Kitchen Renovation Inspiration | White

white kitchen reno inspiration

White white everywhere // HERE // I’m mostly a fan of the rough shelving.

I really want to renovate my kitchen.

(insert ominous drumming sounds)

For starters, it’s small. It’s also a hair on the dark side (the previous owner’s burgundy paint job will do that). It’s falling apart in places (the grout in the floor tiles, the cupboards are just plain falling off), and the previous owner’s attempted some customizations that I’m not exactly stoked on.

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11 Awesome and Vegan Ways to Embrace Gochujang

double dredged tofu with gochujaru

Double dredged tofu with gochujang glaze// HERE //

Other than being awesome, what is gochujang?

“Well, gochujang is a savory, spicy, and pungent fermented Korean condiment made from red chili, glutinous rice, fermented soybeans, and salt. Traditionally, it has been naturally fermented over years in large earthen pots outdoors, more often on an elevated stone platform, called jangdokdae in the backyard.”

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Summer’s Bounty | Watermelon 8 Ways

watermelon limeade recipe

Watermelon limeade // HERE //

Every winter and spring I make great plans to not be so darn idle by the time summer’s bounty rolls around; to make cool and interesting and fresh new things with common ingredients. To be an exceptional maker of yummy things. Well, here we are, smack dab in the middle of summer, and I’ve yet to make anything exciting with one of the ingredients that’s on my mental “make something cool with” bucket list, namely: watermelon.

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First Impressions of the Fujifilm X70


// a David Attenborough moment //

I recently purchased a Fujifilm X70 mirrorless camera (more on that HERE) as my EDC (every day camera).

Now, as someone that is fairly new to the digital camera game (I primarily use my iPhone 6+, a Fujifilm Instax, and have played around a bit with a Canon DSLR – but nothing serious), I must say, I’m a tad intimidated by the learning curve that is ahead of me – but at the same time I’m excited to master the fundamentals and get crackin’ with the creative side of photography.

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Put a Fork in that Flower! | How to Eat Squash Blossoms

Lets talk about squash blossoms and edible flowers…

OK, I’ll admit that I roll my eyes whenever I see people/cooks making foodstuffs out of or with edible flowers – it’s a stupid knee jerk reaction that I’m desperately trying to resolve. Like, get over it, already!

HOWEVER, I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong or snarky for no reason (ok, not really – but I will admit it here and now), but edible flowers are damn good.

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The Great “Over-Ear” Headphones Round-Up


audio technica ath-m50x headphones

Audio Technica ATH-M50X // HERE //

So you need new headphones…

I found out that “loaning” your semi-nice headphones to your seven year old isn’t the best of ideas.  Needless to say, I was recently in the market for a brand spanking new pair of “high end-ish” quality headphones for casual to professional use. And by “professional use,” I mean that I wanted headphones that professional musicians could/would use. No BS.

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